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News 2009



December 24th:
All best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
November 23rd:All dams still in foal:
 Vanisha by Carolus II
 Madonna III by Lord Z
 La Gomera by Ramiro's Son II
 and Dance and win xx by Bon Balou
November 17th:
Today Cil by Cash and Carry was successful in jumping competitions for young horses. He was 2nd placed in 1,10m and 2nd placed in 1,20m.
October 19th:

It wasn't a mistake using a young stallion! From the first day he could convince us and we covered two dams. In Lion d'Angers in France Mighty Magic got vice-worldchampion of the 6 years old eventing horses with his rider Andreas Dibowski! Congratulations, a great success! In 2010 Mighty Magic will be also successful with Andreas Dibowski and he will also be stallion of the State Stud Celle.

The first free-jumping of his 2 years old daughter Zoe-Chantal was excellent and showed an outstanding potential of this mare. In 2010 we will start with her under the saddle and she will take the mare performance test. We are ex- pecting this with a lot of inquisitiveness.


September 29th:

There is a freejumping-video of Zarrin by Quantum on her page online. Take a look!

Today we putted down Que Belleza by Quo Vadis with acut recurring problems with her liver. She was nearly 22 years old and we are glad that she has had a good time.


September 4th:

Notwithstanding the hospitality stay and stress of her filly's death, La Gomera by Tin Rocco is in foal to Ramiro's Son II. Vanisha by Lord Z is furthermore in foal to Carolus II and Madonna III by Parco xx in foal to Lord Z. At the age of 23 years Amrum I by Fasolt took a break and isn't in foal. When she will be such fit, perhaps we want to try it again next year otherwise she shall enjoy the life.


September 2nd:
He was qualified for the Bundeschampionat at Warendorf, but Mighty Magic couldn't take part because his rider Andreas Dibowski has come a purler at the National Championship of eventing a weekend before. But perhaps Mighty Magic will have the opportunity to show his quality at the World Championship of young eventing horses in France end of September because he is also qualified for France.


August 24th:

Although the both colts are in growth, nevertheless there are new pictures of Capellari by Clinton I and Cric Crac by Corrado I.


August 17th:

The last weeks have been very bad. First I got a slap on the right wrist at the end of July. A blood vessel was burst and I got a great haematoma. After a cast, puncture and a lot of repose the wrist is still swollen and not fit for use.


And now this tragic occurrence: Ba-Jinia by Cheetano is dead! It is really terrible for me. The filly was euthanised at the university hospital of Hanover. She was my great hope for the future. There were an encapsulated and hidden abscess at the backbone which couldn't be visible at the X-rays. First at a CT the broken vertebra could be viewed. No clinical symp- toms - a minor lameness and later a paralysis of one behind leg. Neither the constant efforts nor the the care of the university hospital of Hanover couldn't save her life. Why oh why???


July 31st:

Additional a dressage video of Cil by Cash and Carry


July 26th:

After his rider was put out of action regarding an accident, Cool Cad by Caproni is again successful in jumping competitions. Last weekend he was 4th placed in a competition until 1,20m for young horses.


July 24th:

It was time to make new videos of our foals Ba-Jinia by Cheetano, Capellari by Clinton I and Cric Crac by Corrado I. Take a look! Jumping horses with really good basic gaits.


July 01st:

Also new pictures and videos of Cil by Cash and Carry of the free-jumping and jumping under the rider.


June 30th:

Now there are new videos of Cric Crac by Corrado I and Ba-Jinia by Cheetano on their pages.


June 13th:

Apparently the mares in foal are feeling very well when the weather is high-wind. Also La Gomera by Tin Rocco foaled during the day her daughter Ba-Jinia by Cheetano, a bay Holsteiner filly.


June 12th:

During the morning at 11.25 a.m. the Birth Alarm gave alarm and Amrum I by Fasolt foaled Cric Crac, a bay Holstein colt by Corrado I.


June 10th:

Unfortunatelly Madonna by Parco xx was in foal with twins. Both embryos were very closed by, so we have had to abort them. Now Madonna is again inseminated with Lord Z. Vanisha by Lord Z is in foal to Carolus II and our boarding mare Dance and win xx is in foal to Bon Balou.


June 9th:

Cil by Cash and Carry returned to our stable for schooling and competitions. After deleting a wolf tooth, which wasn't noticed in the schooling stable of his co-owner before, he is riding again very well.


May 23rd:

Today the boarding mares Dance and win xx and Wienett were registered with the Hanoverian main studbook.


May 17th:

Last night our Holstein boarding mare Carisma by Capitol I - Ritter foaled Limboy, a chesnut colt by Limbus.


May 15th:

Now there are videos on the page of Capellari by Clinton I.


May 6th:

Normally here we are reporting about the young or successful horses. Today we want to tell about Amrum I by Fasolt. She is 23 years old and in foal with the 9th foal. Before breeding she was successful in jumping competitions until 1,40m. She looks like a young horse without any grey hair! Take a look here.

We hope that she will be so fit for the next years.


April, 26th:

After estimated 15 false alarms during the last 2 nights our boarding mare Donna Carissma foaled to Della Cara by Daddy Cool. A noble and brown filly.


April, 25th:

Just after midnight Vanisha by Lord Z gave birth to Capellari by Clinton I. A correct, tall and very typeful grey colt.


April, 15th:

Also new pictures of Que Dana by Da Lisco. Thank you to Bavaria.


April, 13th:

New pictures of Cil by Cash and Carry and Amrita Rao by Mighty Magic. Thank you to Yvonne.


April, 6th:

A Sunday child again. In the evening during the best TV time our boarding mare Ramira by Ramiro's Bube - Paroli - Lukas gave birth to a colt by Silberschmied. Smoothie is a beautiful, big framed and grey colt.


April, 5th:

A Sunday child arrived. Early in the morning the boarding mare Wienett by Waldstar xx - Diadem - Futuro gave birth to the dark Coco Caramel by Conteur. The young lady is wide-awake and very fast. Wienett is a great mother doing always the right.


March, 25th:

Now it was our turn. Our mare Madonna by Parco xx has had an early resorption in the 9th month


March, 21st:

Thank you to Martina Kamps. She made a video of Zoe-Chantal by Mighty Magic available, which was produced during the stallion show of Kempke Hof in Hanstedt.


March, 06th:

Chouchou by Cash and Carry is sold to Sweden for breeding. After covering of Clintaro she will travel to her new home.


January, 29th:

There are new pictures and videos of Zarrin by Quantum and Zoe-Chantal by Mighty Magic on the pages


January, 16th:

The sire of Cian Classic, Cyrano de Bergerac is dead! Due to a bacterial infection Cyrano had to put down in Sweden.


January, 14th:

Mighty Magic was accepted for the Hanoverian program of jumping horses


January, 11th:

Today we have received new pictures of Cian Classic from the new owners. Thank you very much!


January, 3rd:


We wish all friends, breeders and collegues a successful New Year and a lot of luck in the new breeding season!