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C I L  2    


born 19. May 2004


by Cash and Carry and Amrum I by Fasolt


Holstein, 1,67m height ~16.15 hands


Cil is the 5th foal of Amrum I. His movement is excellent, an outstanding walk, an elastic trot and a fantastic "uphill" canter, how you can't often find. He has all features for the highest level of sport.
Outstanding jumping is taken for guarantee for the offspring of Amrum I including the characteristics which are needed for the sport. Cil offers also a real high quality for jumping, a great potential, fantastic technic and reflexes which are fast as a lightning. He is in training, preparing for the greater sport.


Ancestry: The sire Cash and Carry is a son of Cash, who was successful to the international jumping level with Hugo Simon. The dam of Cash and Carry, Balia (FN Name: La Price S), was successful in show jumping, the great grandmother Scarlett Royal until the level 1,35m. Cash and Carry attracted attention in free jumping during the stallion licensing in Holstein. He has obtained the highest price during the enclosed auction of the licensed stallions with 300.000,00 DM, the Lassergut Farm-USA/CH bought him. The Holsteiner Verband leased the stallion for 3 years and he has got a lot of premium foals and the licensed stallions Contino and Common Sense. After that he was in schooling to Eric Navet/ FRA. Unfortunately his career was stopped through a bad accident and the career as a stallion started again, now at the Austrian Moosbachhof. The sire Cash is a son of the full-sister of Landgraf I named Landgräfin. Landgräfin was successful in international jumping competitions until 1,60m with Hugo Simon. The dam of Cash and Carry is a daughter of Landgraf I. Cil cannot deny the inbreeding to Landgraf I.


Meanwhile the offspring of Cash and Carry is in the fore more and more. The first offspring is now successful until the highest level in international jumping competitions. In the estimation of the breeding value of Holstein Cash and Carry appears in the foreground and in the following years with high values. The offspring shows an excellent movement, a great jumping potential, an excellent rideability and they are very noble. At the spring auction 2007 in Holstein a daughter of Cash and Carry was sold for 90.000,00 € to Czechia and the most expensive horse of the autumn auction 2008 in Holstein was again a son of Cash and Carry, he was sold for 97.000,00 €. The international successful jumpers are Careena-Phillip Rüping, now Agathe Vacher/FRA, Cash and Go-Simone Wettstein/CH, Kalinka MNM-Aleksandra Lusina/POL, the Holstein licensed Click and Cash-Niklas Arvidsson/SWE, Cashflow-Jörg Naeve, Champ-Werner Muff/CH, PSG Future-Martin Fuchs/CH and H&M Cash In-Peder Fredricson/SWE. In 2011 the Zangersheide licensed stallion Casquino was with Daniel Deusser vice-worldchampion of the 8 years old jumping horses and they have lots of internationally sucesses.


More information of Cash and Carry and the other stallions of the pedigree: ►►►►here


Detailed description of the pedigree and competition successes of the dam Amrum I by Fasolt: ►►►►here


Own performance: Cil is showing a very good rideability, is sensitive and is jumping under the rider in an excellent kind. Additional he has outstanding gaits. Cil is qualified for both parts of the sport, jumping and dressage until the highest level.
Successes: Several winner in jumping competitions for young horses until 1,20m with scores over 8 and winner and placed in normal jumping competitions until 1,30m (M*).


Mareline: 8819

It is a line with a high power density. Starting at the beginning of the last century in Oldenburg there are a lot of sport-horses until the highest international level and licensed stallions both in Holstein and in Oldenburg.

Here you can read more about this mareline and the successes of the near ancestries in the sport. ►►here

Mareline of paardenfokken


Cil has 3 successful maternal siblings in the sport, of these 1 until 1,30m and 1,35m.


Pedigree: The pedigree shows the following inbreedings:

each 2x to the Holsteiner Aldato and the Holsteiner mare Warthburg

67x to the thoroughbred St.Simon xx
7x to the thoroughbred Son-in-Law xx

4x to the thoroughbred Ferro xx

each 3x to the Anglo-Arabian Ramzes x and the thoroughbreds Anblick xx and Herold xx

each 2x to the thoroughbreds Ladykiller xx, Hyperion xx and Cottage Son xx

Percentage of thoroughbred 9 generations back: 39%


  Cash and


             line 256             





  line 275

  Cor de la Bryère
 Rantzau xx

 Foxlight xx

 Rancune xx

 Quenotte B

 Lurioso by Furioso xx

 Vestale du Bois Margot

 Ladykiller xx

 Sailing Light xx

 Lone Beech xx


 Aldato by Anblick xx




 Landgraf I

  line 275

 Ladykiller xx

 Sailing Light xx

 Lone Beech xx


 Aldato by Anblick xx



  premium state sare

 Ahorn Z                

 Alme Z

 Heureka Z

 Scarlett Royal

 Capitano by Cottage Son xx








 Amrum I

main stud book




   line 5951



  line 1866







 Konradine Heidefreund I







   main stud book



  line 18a2


 Marlon xx

 Lady by Ramzes x


 Colonel by Cottage Son xx


 Irmelind Rhadames

 Raimond by Ramzes x

 Edle Dame


  Akkord by Anblick xx

 210783301 by Ernoe (Ostfr)



More Pictures:


news cutting Otterndorf, picture: Rohde  







►►Video 4 July 2009, dressage
►►Video 3  

June 2009, free-jumping (1,50m)

►►Video 2 

June 2009, training under the rider                                                                           

►►video 1 

June 2008, Elmshorn, competition for young riding horses