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V A N I S H A   


born 2. July 2005


by Lord Z and Amrum I by Fasolt 


Holstein, stud book 1, height 1,74m ~17.05 hands


We couldn't believe it, at last a filly of Amrum I, to continue the mareline. We are happy about Vanisha and on top of that by Lord Z. She is an ideal combi- nation of her parents: an outstanding potential to jump, go, fighting spirit and engagement.


Ancestry: The sire Lord Z was highly successful in the international show jumping circle, he has won a lot of Grand Prixs*****. First with Jaime Guerra-MEX, then with Franke Sloothaak-GER and Beat Mändli-CH, at last with John Whitaker-GBR. Lord Z comes from the stallion legend Lord and Thia by Calando I - Meteor xx. The full- sister of Lord Z, Diana, is also mother of the Bundes- championat champion of jumping 1999 and interna- tionally successful stallion Broere VDL Atlantic by Acord II with Wout v.d. Schans, NL. The full-brothers of Atlantic, In Style, with the Canadian Ian Miller and Anyway are very successful in international showjumpings. In Style was participant of the World Championship 2006 in Aachen and has won the Team Silver Medal of the Olympics 2008 in Hongkong. The direct mareline of Lord Z, the line 206, guarantees pure performance!

Meanwhile Lord Z has a lot of offspring in the international showjumping circle. Noltes Küchengirl (in former times: Lord's Classic) is most known with Markus Ehning. In the year 2006 she has won the Grand Prixs and Nation Cups of La Baule and Aachen. Additional she was participant of the World Championship 2006 in Aachen with Marcus Ehning, winning the Team Bronze Medal. 2010 she has won the Global Champions Tour in Rio de Janero and other Grand Prixs*****. I have seen this mare during the National Championship of young jumping horses in 2003 and decided that Lord Z must be for Amrum I. Vanisha has the similar type like Noltes Küchengirl and she will get the same size. Successful in the international show jumping circle are among others: Nicolette III with Robert Whitaker-GBR and Jan Sprehe, Lady Balu with Christina Liebherr, BF Utopia with Tim Gradley, Lorrain Z with Eric Lamaze-CAN and Navarro with Noora Pentti-FIN. In Germany f.e.: Lorette with Markus Friedel, Laura 337 with Michaela Brückmann and Liberty 224 with Matthias Gude and Stefanie Wilwert and Lumona-R with Frank Möller.

An great part of the offspring of Lord Z is successful until the highest level, although he has mostly covered in the Netherlands and a little in Germany.


The following sire Calando I in the pedigree of Lord Z was also an internationally successful jumper, first with Karsten Huck, both have won the National German Championship and later with Edgar-Henri Cüpper, BEL. Calando I is responsible for the fighting-spirit and engagement of Lord Z and his offspring. Then is following the thoroughbred Meteor xx, who appears in a lot of pedigrees of successful sport horses.

More information about Lord Z and the other stallions of the pedigree: ►►►►here


Detailed description of the pedigree and competition successes of the dam Amrum I by Fasolt: ►►►►here


Own Performance: Vanisha offers an outstanding free-jumping with an absolute potential, care and technique with a lot of overview and engagement. She shows a good rideability and we are riding her also during breeding.

Heredity: The offspring of Vanisha is long-legged and tall with good and elastic gaits, the canter is excellent. The exterieur is correct and they have an outstanding potential of jumping with a lot of power. The character is easy to handle.


Mareline: 8819

It is a line with a high power density. Starting at the beginning of the last century in Oldenburg there are a lot of sport-horses until the highest international level and licensed stallions both in Holstein and in Oldenburg.

Here you can read more about this mareline and the successes of the near ancestries in the sport. ►►here

Mareline of paardenfokken


Vanisha has 4 successful maternal siblings in the sport, of these 2 until 1,30m and 1,35m.


Pedigree: The pedigree shows the following inbreedings:

2x to the Colonel

63x to the thoroughbred St.Simon xx

10x to the thoroughbred Dark Ronald xx

8x to the thoroughbred Son-in-Law xx

4x to the thoroughbred Cottage Son xx

each 2x to the Anglo-Arabian Ramzes x and to the thoroughbreds Havresac II xx, Ferro xx and Nearco xx

The modern foundation stallions Ladykiller xx and Cor de la Bryère are only once here in the pedigree. This is easy for using Holsteiner stallions for Vanisha because most of this stallions are inbred to this stallions over and over.

Percentage of thoroughbred 9 generations back: 45%


Lord Z

    line 206    


   line 1298

  Ladykiller xx Sailing Light xx

 Blue Peter xx

 Solar Cygnet xx

 Lone Beech xx

 Loaningdale xx

 Fartuch xx

 Cottage Son xx

 Young Lover xx

 Wait Not xx





  Calando I

  line 7673

 Cor de la Bryère

 Rantzau xx

 Quenotte B


 Colombo by Cottage Son xx


 Meteor xx          

 Chief xx

 Mitsouka xx


 Colonel by Cottage Son xx







Amrum I

      main stud book      




   line 5951



  line 1866







 Konradine Heidefreund I







   main stud book



  line 18a2


 Marlon xx

 Lady by Ramzes x


 Colonel by Cottage Son xx


 Irmelind Rhadames

 Raimond by Ramzes x

 Edle Dame


  Akkord by Anblick xx

 210783301 by Ernoe (Ostfr)



Her Offspring:




(ex: Capellari)


by Clinton I

A correct, modern und very long-legged grey gelding, who impresses with his pedigree and be- havior. He has an excellent canter with an absolut outstanding potential to jump.

Sold to a show rider in Rhineland.

Placings in: riding shows for young horses with 4 years.





by Carolus II

A really characterised by thoroughbred and noble filly with an excellent top-line and gaits. Unfortunatelly she tuned only 3 days old. Her lungs has had a great damage.


by Cor de la Bryère

The sire is 43 years old, nevertheless this colt is really modern and with nobility, there are stal- lions which pass never out of use. An outstanding stallion prospect. Sold to Bavaria

2012:Evaine la Pierre

by Dollar de la Pierre

She was waiting until the sun was shining and was born during the morning on the pasture. Really characterised by her French sire. The top-line, the behind legs and croup are with a lot of strong power and an excellent canter. We are glad about the filly after the dead of her sister in 2010.   


by Cash and Carry  

We had to wait nearly 2 weeks until he was born. A noble, correct and beautiful stallion prospect who is characterised by thoroughbred. He is an athletic sportsman with very good gaits. Sold to Holstein

2014:  in foal to Quiwi Dream



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