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-Lancaster Pipp


L A N C A S T E R   P I P P


born 5. May 2000


by Lascadell and Amrum I by Fasolt

Holstein, 1,63m height ~16.0 hands


Lancaster Pipp is the 2nd foal of Amrum I, the first after her sport career and since she was our horse. Lancaster Pipp was sold when he was a colt. Max Meyer is the breeder because Amrum I was in care for breeding from May 1999 til October 2002 in Dellstedt. Max Meyer is also breeder of Amrum I. Since Lancaster Pipp is 4 years old he is in property of a young lady, who is successful with Lancaster Pipp in jumping competitions from 1m until 1,25m. He is very spirited and individual, but extreme powerful under the saddle. In 2013 both were lippischer (region of Westphalia) Eventing Champion for young riders. He is a horse for the whole family, the younger sister competes with Lancaster Pipp in beginner jumping competitions.

Ancestry: His sire Lascadell by Landgraf I - Sacramento Song xx - Ladykiller xx, mareline 4303, was successful in jumping competi- tions in Austria after his licensing in Holstein. When he was back in Germany he was at the stallion station Völz for some years and now he is sold to Hungary. His dam Mairike by Sacramento Song xx was successful in jumping competitions until 1,55m. More than average the offspring of Lascadell is now successful until 1,50m and more. A.o. Largo - Christian Ahlmann and Lasca - Thies Luther


Detailed description of the pedigree and competition successes of the dam Amrum I by Fasolt: ►►►►here


Own performance: Lancaster Pipp was successful in jumping competitions for young horses until 1,25m. Meanwhile he is several winner of competitions until 1,25m and is successful in eventing and dressage level A. 2013 regional Eventing Champion for young riders.


Mareline: 8819

It is a line with a high power density. Starting at the beginning of the last century in Oldenburg there are a lot of sport-horses until the highest international level and licensed stallions both in Holstein and in Oldenburg.

Here you can read more about this mareline and the successes of the near ancestries in the sport. ►►here

Mareline of paardenfokken


Lancaster Pipp has 3 successful maternal siblings in the sport, of these 2 until 1,30m.





    line 4303   


   Landgraf I

   line 275

  Ladykiller xx Sailing Light xx

 Blue Peter xx

 Solar Cygnet xx

 Lone Beech xx

 Loaningdale xx

 Fartuch xx


 Anblick xx






 Sacramento Song xx

 Sicambre xx

 Prince Bio xx

 Sif xx

 Easter Gala xx          

 Sayajiaro xx

 Easter Day xx

 Ladykiller xx

 Sailing Light xx

 Lone Beech xx




Amrum I

    main stud book     




   line 5951



  line 1866







 Konradine Heidefreund I







  main stud book



  line 18a2


 Marlon xx

 Lady v. Ramzes x


 Colonel v. Cottage Son xx


 Irmelind Rhadames

 Raimond v. Ramzes x

 Edle Dame


 Akkord v. Anblick xx

 210783301 v. Ernoe (Ostfr)



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