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C A R R E I D A S    (ex: Capellari)   


born 25. April 2009


by Clinton I and Vanisha by Lord Z


Zangersheide, height approx. 1,69m ~16.25 hands


A really typeful, tall, correct and long-legged grey son of his young dam Vanisha, her first foal and the first grandchild of our foundation dam Amrum I. With a fine character he shows a fantastic "uphill" canter and a fairly good walk and trot, additional with an outstanding jumping potential. The top-line is compact with a strong back and a pretty head. Really an athlete for the higher sport. He is sold to Rhineland and if he will receive a competent training we will see him in the higher sport again.


Ancestry: Clinton I was very successful in international jumping com- petitions with Thomas Voss. He was a.o. two times winner of the Swedish Derby, winner in Nation Cups and placed in the Grand Prixs of Aachen, Oslo, Aarhus, Dortmund, Bordeaux, Helsinki and Berlin, the German championships and the final of the Worldcup. His offspring is already very successful in the highest level of jumping, although he didn't cover a lot of mares during the first years. Nevertheless he is sire of a lot of licensed stallions.

The breeding estimation of the FN and of Schleswig-Holstein shows always a high value.


The sire of Clinton I, Carolus I, was also really successful in international competitions until 1,60m with Stefan Lauber, CH and Hans-Peter Konle. Carolus I is a.o. sire of a lot of successful sport-horses, f.e. C.Chap, who was participant of the Olympic Games 2004 of Athens with a Korean rider. Also he is sire of Isas, the Champion of the national broodmare show of Holstein in 1997 and winner of the European Championship of broodmares of Brussels in 1998.
The dam of Carolus I and II, Lacq by Roman, was also winner of jumping competitions until 1,55m, the granddam Cordelia by Ladykiller xx was successful in eventing competitions. The sister of Cordelia, Risiko by Roman, was winner in 25 jumping competitions of the highest level with Karsten Huck. The great-grandma Ukraine by Anblick xx was three-quater sister of Albrant, who was the successful partner of Herbert Blöcker of Olympic Games and World-Championships. Cumulative po
wer pure!

The full-brother Carolus II was also winner of international Grand Prixs of jumping and now he is licensed stallion in the Netherlands.

5 offspring of the dam of Clinton I, Waage II by Calypso II, are successful until the highest level in jumping competitions. Calypso II, foundation sire of Hanover and Holstein, is in great demand of the mare- and sirelines. After that Royal Wash xx brings the needed blood of the thoroughbred.


The mareline 4965 is small, but really successful! The full brother Clinton II is also successful until the highest international level and Grand Prixs until 1,60m with Alois Pollmann-Schweckhorst. The full sister of both Clinton's Chica Bay (breeding name Hirtin) is a great jumping horse with a lot of successes until 1,60m in the USA and additional dam of Levisto Z by Leandro. Levisto is the most successful jumping horse of Judy-Ann Melchior. The other full sister G-Casablanca is dam of the winner of the licensing of Holstein in 2008 Cantoblanco.


More information about Clinton I and the other stallions of the pedigree: ►►►►here


Detailed description of the pedigree and competition successes of the granddam Amrum I by Fasolt: ►►►►here

and of the pedigree of the dam Vanisha by Lord Z: ►►►►here


Own Performance: First tests in freejumping show a lot of outstanding potential with a lot of power and spirit. Carreidas has a great rideabilty under the saddle.

Successes: Placings in riding shows with 4 years.


Mareline: 8819

It is a line with a high power density. Starting at the beginning of the last century in Oldenburg there are a lot of sport-horses until the highest international level and licensed stallions both in Holstein and in Oldenburg.

Here you can read more about this mareline and the successes of the near ancestries in the sport. ►►►►here

Mareline of paardenfokken


Pedigree: The pedigree shows the following inbreedings:

2x to the Holsteiner Colonel

2x to the Anglo Norman Cor de la Bryère

86x to the thoroughbred St.Simon xx

20x to the thoroughbred Dark Ronald xx

15x to the thoroughbred Son-in-Law xx

6x to the thoroughbred Cottage Son xx

5x to the Anglo-Arabian Ramzes x

3x to the thoroughbred Ferro xx

each 2x to the thoroughbreds Ladykiller xx, Furioso xx, Anblick xx, Hyperion xx, Rantzau xx and Nearco xx

Percentage of thoroughbred 9 generations back: 48%


Clinton I

    line 4965  


  Carolus I

   line 2666

 Capitol I

  line 173


 Corpoarl by Cottage Son xx

 Retina by Ramzes x


 Maximus by Manometer xx

 Vase by Ramzes x

 Lacq  Roman

 Ramzes x



 Ladykiller xx

 Ukraine by Anblick xx


    state premium

  Calypso II

  line 6582

 Cor de la Bryère

 Rantzau xx

 Quenotte B





  state premium

 Royal Wash xx

 Sovereign Path xx

 Lux xx


 Colibri by Cottage Son xx








stud book 1





  Lord Z

   line 206



  line 1298

  Ladykiller xx

 Sailing Light xx

 Lone Beech xx


 Cottage Son xx


 Thia Calando I

 Cor de la Bryere by Rantzau xx



 Meteor xx


  Amrum I 

   main stud book


   line 5951





 Heidefreund I


 Prictoria Marmor

 Marengo by Marlon xx




 Brictoria by Akkord-Anblick xx



More Pictures:













October 2011



at the age of 3 month



at the age of 3 weeks



at the age of 2 weeks