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Madonna III

M A D O N N A   I I I    


born 15. May 1997


by Parco xx and Freya Be by Coriolan


Holstein, premium foal, district premium mare, 

height 1,65m ~16.1 hands


In January 2006 we were looking for a half-bred mare and have found Madonna III. In Holstein she is registered as a District Premium Mare and in Hanover Main Stud Book Mare. Her breeder is Elisabeth Bern- hard in Kollmar. Before breeding Madonna III was the hunting horse of a medicine with much engagement and the ancestors of the race horses in her pedigree were appearing. She was bred to the state stud stal- lion of Celle Graf Top I. Her first foal Gianni Amato was born at our stable. End of 2011 after 4 foals we have sold Madonna III to a Hanoverian breeder. Now she is in possession of a rider in Berlin.


Ancestry: Her sire is the Irish thoroughbred Parco xx. The pedigree of Parco xx contains only little the blood of sprinter and American thoroughbred, the hard blood of long distance horses dominates. Parco xx (information here) was a stallion of the Holsteiner Verband and the offspring got an outstandig quality regarding jumping potential. F.e. the licensed stallion of the Holsteiner Verband, Paramount by Parco xx-Cantus-Roman. In 2006 the winner of the Elite Broodmare show of half-breed in Elmshorn was Tropica I by Parco xx and the 2nd was Tilly by Parco xx. Also in 2005 the daughter of Parco xx, Sentenz, was 2nd of the Elite Broodmare show of half-breed. In 2007 the Paramount daughter US-Beauty got a premium as the mare with the best gaits at the Elite Broodmare show in Elmshorn and in 2008 she got the "Blaues Band", a premium for the best mare which is awarded every few years. Successful sport-horses by Parco xx are: Horseware's Parko in international eventing with Peter Thomsen, Tuja 6 until 1,45m with Eoin Ryan and Playboy 229 until 1,50m with Michael Vogel and Sabrina Berger.


The sire of the dam, Coriolan, was winner of show jumping competitions until 1,50m and got considerable offspring for the highest level of dressage and show jumping. First sold to Hessians, he was going back to Holstein regarding his outstanding offspring. His sire Calypso II was not only a most popular stallion in Holstein, but also in Hanover. He has had a very excellent rideability although he was very massive but his offspring have this rideability too. He is in a lot of pedigrees of very successful horses.

The granddam of Madonna III, the State Premium Mare Zangersheide, is also dam of a lot of internationally successfull offspring and among other also dam of a 2nd placed mare of the Elite Broodmare Show in Holstein. Her sire Rebel Z I by Ramiro is full-brother of the out- standing sport-horse Ratina Z of Ludger Beerbaum. Rebel Z I was also successful in show jumping competitions until 1,60m and the movement was very good, many of his offspring also. The dam of both, Argentina Z, is full-sister of the outstanding stallion Ahorn Z. The dam of Argentina Z and Ahorn Z is Heureka by Ganeff, who was a.o. winner of the Grand Prix of Aachen. The great-granddam Genoveva by Marlon xx is also granddam of Locato, stallion of the Holsteiner Verband by Lord.


More information of Parco xx and the other stallions of the pedigree: ►►►►here


Own performance: Madonna was tested in long huntings without any damage during many years. She has a lot of jumping quality with an outstanding potential, care and technique. Her fighting spirit is significant.


Heredity: All offspring of Madonna III is characterised by thoroughbred with an excellent exterior and the quality of walk and canter are higher than average. They have a preference for jumping over railings and a lot of engagement and self-confidence. Her young offspring is very successful in jumping competitions for young horses.


Mareline: 749

This mareline is traceable til middle of the 19th century, in 1867 the first mare was born and registered. The line is significant for powerful international sport-horses until the highest level and licensed stallions.

Here you can read more about this mareline and the successes of the near ancestries in the sport. ►►►►here

Mareline of paardenfokken


Pedigree: The pedigree of Madonna III shows the following inbreedings:

156x to the thoroughbred St.Simon xx
40x to the thoroughbred Bay Ronald xx
17x to the thoroughbred Dark Ronald xx
13x to the thoroughbred Son-in-Law xx
11x to the thoroughbred Blandford xx
8x to the thoroughbred Havresac II xx
7x to the thoroughbred Nearco xx
each 3x to the Anglo-Arabian Ramzes x and the thoroughbreds Cottage Son xx and Hyperion xx
each 2x to the thoroughbreds Umidwar xx, Blenheim xx, Hurry On xx and Fairway xx 
Especially the lot of thoroughbred at the far end of the pedigree get attention. Also there is an in-breeding to thoroughbred in the last generations.

Percentage of thoroughbred 9 generations back: 76%


 Parco xx

  Kafu xx

  African Sky xx
 Sing Sing xx

 Tudor Minstrel xx

 Against the Law xx

 Sweet Caroline xx

 Nimbus xx

 Lakaday xx

 Pampered Dance xx
 Pampered King xx  

 Prince Chevalier xx

 Netherton Maid xx

 Star Dancer xx

 Arctic Star xx

 Dancing Time xx

 Pyjama Game xx

  Cavo Doro xx

 Sir Ivor xx

 Sir Gaylord xx

 Attica xx

 Limuru xx

 Alcide xx

 Princess Cecilia xx

 Noddy Time xx
 Gratitude xx

 Golden Cloud xx

 Verdura xx

 Siesta Time xx     

 Ommeyad xx

 Time Call xx

 Freya Be

     main stud book    





  line 5739


 Calypso II

  line 6582

  Cor de la Bryère

 Rantzau xx






  State Premium Mare


 Corporal by Cottage Son xx

 Retina by Ramzes x


 Cottage Son xx

 Reseda by Frivol xx




  state premium mare


 Rebel Z I

  line 8145


 Raimond by Ramzes x
Valine by Cottage Son xx


 Alme Z


  Genoveva Marlon xx

 Tamerlane xx

 Maralinni xx


 Hanselmann - Wanderfalk xx

 Liesa by Ramzes x



Her offspring:



Gianni Amato

by Graf Top

Very elastic, self-confidence and correct gelding, who convinces all every time and prefers to jump. Sold to a stallion prospectiv rearer in Westphalia and now owned by a young rider in Lower Saxonia

Placings in: dressage level E




by Quantum

Foal Premium, correct and coloured dark-chesnut mare, who is really beautiful. She has an excel- lent interieur and exterieur and shows a very good free-jumping. Successful in jumping competi- tions for young horses. Sold to Saarland

Placings in: jumping competitions until 1,20m

2014: in foal to Cassilano



(ex: Channon)   


by Clarimo 

Foal Premium, very beautiful and correct stallion, with self-confidence. A future sport horse with a lot of prospect, he was sold to a stallion rearer in Holstein.

Placings in: Jumping competitions until 1,10m




by Lord Z
Characterised by thoroughbred and long-legged, additional lively and clever, short a modern young mare for breeding and sport. She will show her potential in the sport



More pictures:











2006 with her first foal