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Z A R R I N      (FN: Quantums Zarrin)


born 6. June 2007


by Quantum and Madonna III by Parco xx


Holstein, Premium Foal, height 1,62m ~16.0 hands


Zarrin is a Persian name and means "The Golden". She is a chesnut mare and this name appeared suitable although she's now a dark-chesnut. Pretty and correct, to this fantastic muscled, with a good neck, she fasci- nated us every day. She is the 2nd foal of Madonna III. Zarrin is sold to a young lady in Saarland. Meanwhile she is successful in jumping compe- titions until 1,20m. With 6 years her jumping career stopped after an accident. Now she will make a breeding break, for 2014 she is in foal to Cassilano.


Ancestry: The sire is Quantum by Quidam de Revel - Cor de la Bryère - Colt - Monarch, mareline 18B1. Through the stallions Quidam de Revel and Cor de la Bryère Quantum is a French stallion for the part of three-quaters! Quantum was Vice-Champion of the Stallion Licensing in Holstein in 1996. He could convince in type, with a very good movement and outstanding free-jumping. His mareline 18B1 produces top sport-horses for international competitions in a row.
It isn't necessary to write something about Quidam de Revel. There are only a few stallions, which have the same own performance and heredity in this outstanding kind like this stallion. His sire
Jalisco B was very successful in international Championships and Grand Prixs and there is a lot of outstanding offspring with the same quality.

The dam of Quidam, Dirka, a little jumping flea of 1,63m, was international successful with Nelson Pessoa. Dirka has much successful off- spring in the international sport.

The dam of Quantum, Ulla, is full-sister of Constant, who was top in international jumping competitions with Hans Günther Winkler and Michael Rüping. Also in breeding he was very successfull with a lot of offspring which have many potential like the licensed stallion Chin Chin, who was participant of 2 Olympic Games.
Quantum wasn't easy to ride, he needs more attemps to pass the stallion performance test. Therefore he bred only in the year 1997 and then he has to
made a breeding brake. But the Holsteiner Verband believes in this stallion and was waiting until the first offspring shows its outstanding potential. During this time Quantum was successful in jumping competitions until 1,35m.

Out of the first age-group Quintero was licensed. In 2003 during the World Championship of Young Horses Quintero und Quin Chin were final participants. Quintero is very sucessful in international jumping shows with Rolf-Göran Bengtsson, SWE, he was placed in Grand Prixs like Aachen, Paderborn, Münster etc. In 2007 he has won the Championship of Holstein with Rolf-Göran Bengtsson. In 2008 he shows fan- tastic performance during the Nation Cup of Aachen. In the beginning of 2009 he was 4th placed in the Grand Prix of Zurich and winner of the Championship of Zurich and also the following years he is always successful.

In 2003 Quin Chin was 3rd placed and in 2004 Vice-Champion. In 2006 during the World Championship in Aachen the 8 years old Quin Chin shows his outstanding quality with Manuel Fernandes Saro, ESP.

The other few offspring of Quantum of the first age-group is also very successful. F.e. Karatina with Pénélope Leprevost, FRA, who is suc- cessful until 1,55m. For this reason in 2001 Quantum was given back to breeding and his foals are most convincing, and the free-jumping is outstanding. His offspring is successful in jumping competitions until the highest level. Also the next age-groups up to 2002 are now very successful in jumping competitions until the highest international level. F.e. the licensed stallion Quality Time with Jeroen Dubbeldam/NL.


The dam of Quantum, Ulla, is full-sister of Palisa, who is dam of the State Premium Mare Queen Liesa by Quidam de Revel. This mare has won the German and European championship for young riders with Felix Hassmann, later some international Grand Prixs with Toni Hassmann. Also Ulla is half-sister of Zilia by Liostro, who is again dam of the licensed stallion Cagliostro by Calando I. Cagliostro has won the Swedish Championship and then he was successful in the international jumping circle with the Finn Noora Pentti.


More information of Quantum an the other sires of the pedigree:  ►►►►here


Detailed description of the pedigree and own performance of the dam Madonna III by Parco xx: ►►►►here


There is a lot of performance in this pedigree, more isn't possible!

Own Performance: Zarrin shows an outstanding jumping with a fantastic technic, bascule, flash in reaction, a lot of care and intelligence and opening the hind legs both under the saddle and during freejumping. It is a great pleasure riding her, she shows an excellent rideability and is doing a really good job. The first compete at a show was immediately successful.

Successes: Placings in jumping competitons for young horses until 1,15m and against the clock until 1,20m.


Mareline: 749

This mareline is traceable til middle of the 19th century, in 1867 the first mare was born and registered. The line is significant for powerful international sport-horses until the highest level and licensed stallions.

Here you can read more about this mareline and the successes of the near ancestries in the sport. ►►here

Mareline of paardenfokken


Pedigree: The pedigree shows the following in-breedings:

6x Son-in-Law xx

4x Cottage Son xx and Nearco xx

3x Loretto, Orange Peel xx, Furioso xx, First and Ramzes x

2x Favorit, Umidwar xx, Alme Z and Cor de la Bryère

The pedigree is free of the blood of Ladykiller xx



    line 18b1

 Quidam de Revel

   Anglo Norman

  Jalisco B
 Alme Z


 Girondine by Ultimate xx


 Furioso xx



 Fra Diavolo xx


 Odine de Baugy

 Harphortas xx



  Cor de la Bryère

 Rantzau xx

 Foxlight xx

 Rancune xx

 Quenotte B

 Lurioso by Furioso xx

 Vestale du Bois Margot


 Cromwell by Cottage Son xx

 Ulana by Anblick xx




Madonna III

    premium mare     

 Parco xx                  

 Kafu xx

 African Sky xx

 Sing Sing xx

 Sweet Caroline xx

 Pamp. Dance xx

 Pampered King xx

 Star Dancer xx

 Pyjama Game xx

 Cavo Doro xx        

 Sir Ivor xx

 Limuru xx

 Noddy Time xx

 Gratitude xx

 Siesta Time xx

  Freya Be

   main stud book



  line 5739

 Calypso II

 Cor de la Bryère - Rantzau xx

 Tabelle by Heisssporn

 Inderin  state premium


 Ungarin by Cottage Son xx


  state premium mare

 Rebel Z I




 Marlon xx

 Barbara by Hanselmann


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February 2013, jumping competition 1,15m



October 2009, freejumping with 2,5 years