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-Que Dana

Q U E   D A N A    (ex: Danniebelle)   


born 24. April 2005


by Da Lisco and Que Belleza by Quo Vadis


Oldenburg-Springpferdezucht, Premium Foal, 1,58m height


Que Dana is the 3nd daughter of Que Belleza and in all her 4th foal. Que Dana was awarded with the foal premium of Oldenburg-International. She is beautiful with a fantastic type and was sold to a jumping rider in Bavaria.


Ancestry: Her sire is the Belgium stallion Da Lisco by Darco - Jalisco B - Mondain xx - Seduisant (French trotter). For 2 years Da Lisco was sited at the stallion stud Holzeder in Malching. During this time he was successful in jumping competitions until 1,35m with Johannes Holzeder and winning a lot of competitions. The pedigree Darco x Jalisco B is outstanding in the breed- ing of jumping horses. Here the in-breeding of Lugano I in 4th generation attracts attention. One time above Darco, whose grandsire is Lugano I and above the great-granddam in the motherline of Que Dana, who is also a daughter of Lugano I.


Own Performance: Que Dana is easy to ride with excellent gaits. Her free-jumping shows a lot of potential with care and cleverness.



Mareline of paardenfokken


Da Lisco







 Lugano van la Roche

 Lugano I

 Der Löwe xx



 Ableger I



 Cottage Son xx





 Chamade du


  Selle Francais

 Jalisco B Alme Z


 Girondine by Ultimate xx


 Furioso xx


 Kita Pont Vautier

 Mondain xx     

 Snob xx

 Mopsy xx

 Fiere Fiesta trotter

 Seduisant M

 Adda II






Que Belleza

          stud book S1         

 Quo Vadis

  Anglo Norman

 Garitchou x        

  french Anglo-Arabian

  Nikou x

 Nikita III x

 Miquete x

 Maritchou x

 Aiglon VIII x

 Dame de Cour x

 Isba Brilloso

 Furioso xx

 Princess Star by Red Star II xx





  main stud book




 Duft I






 Stud Book Mare
 Lugano I

 Der Löwe xx


 Stud Book Mare  

 Schlingel by Shagya ox

 Stute by Asti



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