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Hanov.Line of Nilita

Hanoverian Mareline of Nilita, 1191428

Pape from Byhusen (Bremervörde), Stade, 1914


This is a very old and potential mareline, with the origin in the 20th century. There are a lot of licensed stallions and successful sport-horses. In our stable Classika stood for the mareline but unfortunately it wasn't possible to continue this mareline in our stable. Classika gave birth two colts and no filly. After her two sons Red Classic and Cian Classic we have unfortunately put down her regarding an old injury of the sport.







Classika by Classiker and Dorina by Dorian - Agronom - our foundation mare                                                           

born 1993 - 2008



Cian Classic by Cyrano de Bergerac and Classika by Classiker, sold

born 2007



Red Classic by Renegade Z and Classika by Classiker, sold

born 2006




Successful sport horses (date 2007):

Argentina AS by Argentinus and Udine by Upan la Jarthe x, 2005 participant of the national championship for young jumpers, full-sister of Alpaschino

Sambocco by Sandro and Dorina by Dorian, successfull until 1,50m, half-brother of Classika

Classika by Classiker and Dorina by Dorian, successfull until 1,50m international

Domino by Dorian and Arkade by Agronom, successful in dressage until medium level, full-brother of Classika's dam Dorina

Dricah by Drosselklang II and Micah by Matrose, successful until 1,60m international with Rene Tebbel

Piroschka by Falkenhofs's Paroli and Wildgans by Wienerwald, successful until 1,50m

Mr.Moon by Maurice and Wolga by Werther, successful until dressage Intermediaire I

White Wings by Wienerwald and Welonka by Wendekreis, successful until 1,55m

Double Power As by Dux and Welonka by Wienerwald, successful until 1,60m

Polystar C.K. by Polydor and Romantika by Romadour II, successful until 1,55m

Glückspilz by Glücksklee and State Premium Mare Fatima by Feuerfunke xx, successful in dressage Intermediaire I

Lando by Landadel and Racy Lady by Ramiro, winner until 1,50m

Lanar by Laurus K and Racy Lady by Ramiro, successful until 1,40m

Wiske by Zeus and Capitana by Capitol II, in NL international successful until 1,55m


Licensed stallions (date 2007):  

Wiener Charme by Wienerwald and Fella by Furioso II, licensed

Casanova by Calypso II and Fella by Furioso II, licensed-USA

Lynford by Licanto and Calida by Calido I, licensed

Wittelus by Wind Dancer and Cassandra by Calido I, licensed-Spanien

Laccento by Lancer III and Rubina AS by Rubinstein, licensed 2006 Westfalen

Alpaschino by Argentinus and Udine by Upan la Jarthe x, licensed (Vice-Champion Licensing Brandenburg) and successfull until 1,55m

Radeberger by Ramiro and Rona by Romadour II, licensed and successful until 1,40m

Rousseau by Romadour II and Luna by Lugano II, licensed

Rabenstein by Rubinstein and Udine by Upan la Jarthe x, licensed and successful in dressage until level L

Liaison AS (FN: Le Beau AS) by Lancer III and Udine by Upan la Jarthe x, licensed Westphalia




Overview Hanoverian mareline of Nilita:

Mareline of paardenfokken

Researched by Cornelia Haygis as pdf: here



Maternal ancestors of Classika:                              


Classika, Main Stud Book, S1, born 1993, br, by Classiker

and Dorina, Main Stud Book, born 1989, dbr, by Dorian

and Arkade, Main Stud Book, born 1982, chestn., by Agronom

and Waltrude, Main Stud Book, born 1976, darkbr, by Wapiti

and Mona, Main Stud Book, born 1969, by Marconi

and Empfehlung, born 1963, by Eger

and Fechtgabe, born 1958, by Fechtarm

and Jodlermaus, born 1954, by Jonny

and Spessartfee, born 1948, by Spessart

and A 9784, born 1938, by Amorno

and Galle, born 1931, by Generalanzeiger

and Napeza, born 1922, by Notanker

and Nilita, born 1914,by Neograph I

and Stute by Flambart

and Stute by Nettelbeck