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-Red Classic

R E D   C L A S S I C


born 12. March 2006


by Renegade Z and Classika by Classiker  


Oldenburg - Springpferdezucht, Premium Foal


Fantastic dark-chesnut stallion of our Classika. Red Classic has a very good movement and is a modern, correct and characterised by thoroughbred type. Additional he is a charming boy and a eye-catcher. He knows to play to the gallery.

Red Classic received the foal premium during the branding of Oldenburg-International and was selected for the Elite Foal Auction in Vechta in 2006. The comment of the breeding manager about Red Classic: "So we wish us the foals, correct, sportive, powerful. He will forge ahead." He is sold to a rearer in Westphalia after that he was really "forgotten" to put in the auction catalogue. More here: News 2006


Ancestry: The sire is Renegade Z by Ramiro and Quita by Quidam de Revel and Calanda by Cor de la Bryère. Calanda is full-sister of the licensed stallions Calando I-V. Also a pedigree with a lot of sire legends of jumping: Ramiro, Quidam de Revel, Cor de la Bryère, Furioso xx, Cottage Son xx and Don Carlos. With 5 years Renegade Z was winner until 1,25m and was in schooling at John Whitaker-GBR. Meanwhile he is sport and breeding stallion in Australia.




Renegade Z


line 7673





  line 776

  line 185

 Ramzes x

 Rittersporn xx

 Jordi ox




 Cottage Son xx

 Young Lover xx

 Wait Not xx




 Quita Z     

 Quidam de Revel

 Jalisco B

 Alme Z

 Tanagra by Furioso xx


 Nankin by Fra Diavolo xx

 Ondine d.Baugy by Harphortas II xx


 Cor de la Bryère

 Rantzau xx

 Quenotte B


 Colombo by Cottage Son xx








stud book S1


  line 18a2

 Calypso II

  line 6582

  Cor de la Bryère

 Rantzau xx

 Quenotte B




 Monessa Nevado xx

 Heathersett xx

 Neara xx

 Gladiatorin state premium

 Waterman by Water Serpent xx

 Alwine by Cottage Son xx


  main stud book


 Don Carlos










 Wapiti by Wiesenbaum xx

 Mona by Marconi-Marcio xx



More Pictures:


at the age of 3 weeks to 3 month




►►video       July 2006, at the age of 4 month