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December, 16th:

Today the examination of the mares was positive! All are still in foal.

Vanisha of Clinton I, Madonna III of Catoki, Amrum I of Corrado I and La Gomera of Cheetano


December, 07th:

The stallion Quali-Quanti by Quidam de Revel - Nonstop, line 749, of our friend Olaf Rutschek was taken for breed- ing up to 2009.


Mighty Magic, the sire of Zoe-Chantal and of the sold Amrita Rao and Magic Socks was taken by rent from the State Stud Celle with the beginning of the next breeding season. He shall revolutionise the Hanoverian breeding of jumping horses! For the sport he is still at Andreas Dibowski's command.


November, 30th:

Today Channon by Clarimo has left our stable. All the best for him and his new owner! We hope to see Channon again during the licensing in 2010.


Yesterday we have visited Madelaine by Aberglaube xx the former riding pony of Alex. We are very glad about the new owners of Madelaine and her little young rider. It seems that the family is loving her much.


November, 23rd:

In the ranking of the official FN-Breeding Estimation of 2008 Catoki is 3rd with 162 points and Clinton I is 12th with 157 points. We are expecting foals of both stallions in 2009.


November, 13th:

Amrita Rao by Mighty Magic is sold to a competition rider of Baden-Wuerttemberg. We are glad that she will be stay here for rearing.


November, 08th:

The mareline line 749 shows again a highlight. During the riding-licensing of the association of Baden-Wuerttem- berg the stallion Quali-Quanti by Quidam de Revel and Naomi by Nonstop - Arystokrat x - Rebel Z I was licensed. He was prepared and shown from Olaf Rutschek of Stuttgart, a breeding-friend. Quali-Quanti was also born at Olaf Rutschek


October, 17th:

Regarding the Dutch breeding-magazin Sport Horse Breeding of Jac Remijnse the mareline line 776 is the most sucessful jumping-mareline of the world! We are breeding with this outstanding mareline


October, 10th:

New pictures of Amrita Rao by Mighty Magic, Channon by Clarimo, Zarrin by Quantum and Magic Socks by Mighty Magic


September, 30th:

Today Mighty Magic got the licensing for the Hanoverian bred


September, 27th:

The depression of USA effects of the crisis now here. The both Foal Auction of the Holsteiner Verband had gone very bad. Also the top prices of 31.000,00 and 27.000,00 € couldn't save the problem. Only foals by Cassini I, Contender and Corrado I were asked. There were one Brazilian customer, who bought 4 most expensive foals, but the majority of the foals were sold from 3.500,00 to 5.500,00 € and the breeders purchased the foals back. The atmosphere among the breeders in the stable was very bad and we could see a lot of frustration. We purchased Channon by Clarimo also back, because we haven't a foal for giving away, nor to the Holsteiner Verband which bought cheap foals.

We could adequate sell Channon to a stallion rearer in Holstein after the auction. We believe there he will get all chances.

The Holsteiner Verband has a little problem in geography - in the list of sales there seems that we were living in Hamburg because there is the location of the buyer Hamburg. Smiling


September, 15th:

The offspring of Amrum I by Fasolt is again successfull in jumping competitions for young horses. Cool Cad by Caproni was several times placed until 1,25m with scores over 8 and better and also Cil by Cash and Carry could get his first placing until 1,15m.


September, 07th:

The sire of Amrita Rao, Zoe-Chantal and Magic Socks was again very successful! Mighty Magic is now Vice-Cham- pion of the 5 years old eventing-horses of the National Championship of young horses in Warendorf with his rider Andreas Dibowski. He was one of the best with high scores in dressage, jumping and eventing. We are convinced of this stallion since his stallion licensing 2005.


September, 06th:

New pictures of the foals of 2008 Amrita Rao by Mighty Magic and Channon by Clarimo online


September, 05th:

The list of the foal action is on the webpage of the Holsteiner Verbandes online. Channon by Clarimo is no. 10 in the catalogue.


September, 04th:

During the national championship of young eventing-horses in Warendorf Mighty Magic was direct qualified for the final!


August, 28th:

Today the examination of Amrum I by Fasolt shows, that she is in foal of Corrado I. Also the other mares are still in foal.


August, 15th:


Today we have received the written confirmation of the Holsteiner Verband, during the branding in Elmshorn. Channon by Clarimo was selected for the foal auction in Elmshorn at 27th of September.

A new video and pictures you can find on the page of Cil v. Caproni