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M A D D O X   2 7  (ex: Magic Socks)     


born 13. May 2007


by Mighty Magic and Chouchou by Cash and Carry 


Oldenburg-Springpferdezucht, Premium Foal, height 1,72m    


Maddox, we gave him the name Magic Socks, is the first foal of our self-breed mare Chouchou. Maddox is very noble and beautiful. It is the first age-group of the stallion and we expected this foal with intensity. Maddox cannot deny the in-breeding in 3 times to Landgraf I! If he would been a filly, it would keeping here for breeding. Maddox awarded the foal premium of Oldenburg-International and he was sold as a foal to an eventing rider in Austria. The rider was very lucky about him and after schooling at the stable of Ingrid Klimke, Maddox was sold to a jumping and dressage rider in Austria because he was growing to tall and heavy for the eventing sport.


Ancestry: The sire Mighty Magic is a three-quater-thoroughbred by Mytens xx-Heraldik xx-Lavall I-Ladalco, who could convince at the stallion licensing 2005 in Holstein with beauty and self-convidence. With the rider Andreas Dibowski he could gain great successes as a junior sport-horse. The stallion was Vice-Champion of the Bundeschampionat for young eventing horses in Warendorf in 2008, in 2009 he was qualified for the Bundeschampionat of 6 years old eventing horses again, but he couldn't start regarding an accident of his rider. But at the end of 2009 he was showing his potential again and was Vice-World-Champion of the 6 years old eventing horses in Lion d'Angers in France. He was placed in CIC*** and in 2010 he was World-Champion of the 7 years old eventing horses in France and 2011 he was placed in the national German championship. In 2012 after placing in CIC** he is now in training for dressage.

The movement of the stallion is very well, especially the outstanding canter, additional the exterior is perfect. Mighty Magic could finish his 30-days performance-test with excellent scores and he also finished the 70-days performance-test with 118 points. He presents lots of technique over the jumps and potential.


Mighty Magic represents the old Holstein mareline 1947, f.e. also the famous stallion Cambridge. The great-granddam Fiona VII by Ladalco was also dam of the international jumping horse Conradin-Janne Friederike Meyer. Mytens xx was a very correct and beautiful stallion, who is the sire of a lot of outstanding jumping and eventing horses. Heraldik xx has a lot of offspring in the international sport, a.o. Herald with Markus Beerbaum in jumping competitions, FRH Butts Abraxxas with Ingrid Klimke in eventing, Goldmedal 2008 Olympia in Hongkong and 5th Individual, 2011 Team European Champion in Luhmühlen and 2012 Team Goldmedal Olympia in London and H-Ekwador with Katarzyna Milczarek-POL in the highest dressage level.


Own Performance: He was schooling at the stable of Ingrid Klimke and with her Australian rider he was successful in the beginner level in Germany. Now in the dressage and jumping sport in Austria with the new owner .


Mareline of paardenfokken


 Mighty Magic

line 1947

 Mytens xx

 Spectacular Bid xx

 Bold Bidder xx

 Bold Ruler xx

 High Bid xx

 Spectacular xx

 Promissed Land xx

 Stop on Red xx

 Photografic xx
 Hoist the Flag xx

 Tom Rolfe xx

 Wavy Navy xx

 Talking Picture xx

 Speak John xx

 Poster Girl xx


  premium mare


 Heraldik xx      

 Caramel xx

 Wiesenklee xx

 Cranora xx

 Heraldika xx

 Cale xx

 Helga xx

 Fiona VIII
 Lavall I

 Landgraf I by Ladykiller xx

 Madame by Sacram. Song xx


 Ladalco by Ladykiller xx



stud book S1

  Cash and Carry

   line 256



  line 275

  Cor de la Bryère

 Rantzau xx

 Quenotte B


 Ladykiller xx


 Balia Landgraf I

 Ladykiller xx



 Ahorn Z

 Scarlett Royal

 Que Belleza           
   stud book S1                    


 Quo Vadis

  Anglo Norman

 Garitchou x

 Nikou x

 Maritchou x


 Brilloso by Furioso xx


 Doxa Diplomat

 Duft I


 Stud Book Mare

 Lugano I by Der Löwe xx

 Stud Book Mare by Schlingel



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