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Foals 2009







(ex: Capellari)


born 2009




mareline 8819




by Clinton I and Vanisha by Lord Z - Fasolt - Marmor


Born just after midnight. It wasn't easy for his dam Vanisha because he is very long-legged. A naughty little beggar, who is really correct and modern.

Outstanding jumping potential - a sportsman for more.

Sold to a competition rider in Rhineland












Cric Crac


born 2009


mareline 8819



by Corrado I and Amrum I by Fasolt - Marmor - Rhadames


The time was very friendly for breeders, during the morning he was foaled on schedule and standing up and finding the milk rapidly. It is a lively, long- legged gelding with an excellent of jumping potential. The combination of Corrado I with the blood of Farnese is really promising like Corofino I und II.S

Sold to North Rhine-Westphalia











born 13. June 2009

died 17. August 2009


mareline 776


by Cheetano and La Gomera by Tin Rocco - Lakai - Colt


Also the last foal in 2009 was foaled during the afternoon. We were glad about this filly and she should stay for breeding. Unicoloured brown, highly characterised by thoroughbred with a really noble head and a lot of charisma.

It's terrible and a tragic fate but we have to put her down regarding an encap- sulated and hidden abscess at the backbone.

Our little sunshine - we can't believe it!