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-►Chiara Noemi

C H I A R A   N O E M I


born 9. July 2010


by Ramiro's Son II and La Gomera by Tin Rocco


Holstein, height approx. 1,67m ~16.2 hands


Short after midnight the second foal of La Gomera was born. We are very glad about this young lady after loosing her sister in 2009. Chiara is coloured with 4 white legs and a blaze, additional really pretty, long- legged and characterised by thoroughbred. The canter is excellent and also the walk and trot, additional she has a lot of spirit, courage and curiosity. We hope to increase the mareline with this impressive mare.


Ancestry: The sire Ramiro's Son II was licensed in Hanover and offer- ed by the national stallion stud Celle. His station was Oberndorf and there he has only had a few mares. But he delivered 2 licensed stal- lions, 10 state premium mares, 16 jumping horses until the highest level, the international sucessful horses like: Mill Creek Rosalinde- Eric Lamaze, CAN, Ricarda-Angelica Augustsson, SWE and Phillip Weishaupt, Ramila-Emily George, CAN, Rushdy-Cian Howley, IRL and Robin Hood-Holger Wulschner. Additional 2 dressage horses sucessful until S. In Hanover the licensed son Romantic Star provided excellent offspring and now he is a demanded stallion in USA.


After covering Ramiro's Son II was very successful in jumping competitions until 1,50m with Sören von Rönne. Chancing to the Holsteiner Verband in 2002 he also covered in Holstein only a few mares. From 2003 until Whitsun 2009 therefore he was in Italy.

The breeding estimation of FN shows him as an above average jumping stallion. Also the Hanoverian breeding estimation shows excellent datas and he is in the program of the Hanoverian jumping horses.


His full-brother Ramiro's Son I was successful in international jumping competitions with Fritz Ligges until 1,60m. He was licensed in West- phalia and there he was producing a lot of fantastic jumping horses. The full-sister B-Ramiro Girl is in breeding in Holstein and was success- ful until 1,35m. The half-sister, the state premium mare Pik Bubes Girl by Pik Bube I was winner of the show "Best Mare of Germany" in Verden in 1990.


The mareline 5421 is fertile and powerful, not only in Holstein but also in Hanover. There are a lot of licensed stallions f.e.: Delta's Bubka, Contendros Bube, Diorello, Don Crusador, Don Bosco, Hohenstaufen I and II, Ramiro's Boy, Ramiro's Bube, Langata Son, Risotto, Chino, Reichsgraf, Carolino, Mixer, Quebec, Cantares, Camerino, Corpino, Landcassini, Ci Ci Senior, Codex, Rantares, Calvero.

Additional the international sport horses like: Ulana, Zazu, Cassanova, Ramila, Luganer.


A pedigree with a lot of excellent ancestries and an ideal combination and in-breeding of the best marelines of Holstein, 776.


More information of Ramiro's Son II and the other stallions of the pedigree: ►►►►here


Detailed description of the pedigree and competition successes of the dam La Gomera by Tin Rocco: ►►►►here


Own Performance: Jumping is her life, she jumps powerful free with a lot of potential, power and a perfect manner.


Mareline: 776

The mareline 776 is one of the greatest and most successful lines of Holstein. It is astonishing how much sport horses are member of this line. Jac Remijnse shows in his magazine Sport Horse Breeding that this line is regular the most successful line of jumping horses in the world. Starting in the middle of the 19th century the mareline is very old.

Here you can read more about this mareline and the successes of the near ancestries in the sport. ►►here

Mareline of paardenfokken


Pedigree: The pedigree shows the following inbreeding:

each 2x to the Holsteiner Moltke I, Maximus, Raimond and the Holsteiner mare Olga

56x to the thoroughbred St.Simon xx

13x to the thoroughbred Dark Ronald xx

each 5x to the thoroughbreds Son-in-Law xx and Ferro xx

3x to the Anglo-Arabian Ramzes x

each 2x to the Arabian Amurath ox and the thoroughbreds Anblick xx, Fairway xx, Cottage Son xx, Manometer xx and Herold xx

Noticeable the cumulative inbreeding to the F-line in the falling generations and the inbreeding to the excellent mareline 776 with the dam Olga

Percentage of thoroughbred 9 generations back: 40%


Ramiro's Son II

line 5421



  line 776


  line 185

 Ramzes x

 Rittersporn xx

 Jordi ox




 Valine Cottage Son xx

 Young Lover xx

 Wait Not xx





 Moltke I

  line 5951


 Manometer xx


















La Gomera
stud book I

 Tin Rocco
  line 2165 

 Tin Rod xx 

 Tin Whistle xx

 Whistler xx

 Sister Miles xx

 The Rod xx

 Auralia xx

 Trottie True xx



 Ramzes x


 Meisterschüler I


  Corinna I

   main stud book


  line 2533


 Ladykiller xx

 Imela    state premium




 Erika Colt

 Cromwell by Cottage Son xx

 Ulana by Anblick xx

 Irmtrud  state premium


 Rebe by Lorenzo I



Her Offspring:


2014:          Mai        in foal to Crunch                                                                                     



More Pictures:














Freejumping as a yearling, April 2011




at the age of 2 month